The Fisherman’s Friends


“Can I have that Dad?”

“Can we get those Dad?”

“Dad, can I have some?”

It was non stop. When they were growing up, the boys were little consumers and a marketing man’s dream.

They wanted everything they saw on TV, regardless of price. So their stream of “Can I get . . . “ was mostly followed by a “No you can’t” from me.

But one day that changed . . .

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A Nugget Of Blurb


I’m a really fussy eater. I can’t help it, I haven’t chosen it, I just am. It probably began with the ‘I’ll eat peas when I’m 4’ incident and has continued throughout my life.

Unfortunately so is Joe. Ben, not so bad, but Joe was and still is hard to please.

So as you can imagine, having some food item knocked off this small list, would be very bad. Now I use the word food loosely, as this story relates to an experience at McDonalds, but even so let’s keep the list growing rather than shrinking.

So . . .

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Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Cry?


Ben and Joe have.


It was 24 Jun 2004. So Ben was 9 and Joe 8. If you’ve read a few of my posts, the fact I remembered the exact date that will probable shock you.

Usually I can’t remember exactly how old Ben and Joe were when the things I write about happen, but I’m always within a year either way. On this occasion however, I’m bang on as I have an ace up my sleeve . . .

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