Who The . . . . ?



My name is Phil, I’m 54 and a single Dad with 2 sons, Ben and Joe.

I live with my partner and soulmate Joanne, my youngest son Joe and 2 cats called Copy and Spooky Dave.

Joe’s 19 now and Ben is 21 but they’re still my cubs. I love them to bits and I also love the memories I have with them. So many.

I have been telling myself for years I need to write them all down. I figure it will be enjoyable, as I get to relive the fun, games, shock, horror and feelings of complete inadequacy, I’ve experienced in my 2 decades of being a Dad.

Me & Joe 1

So I have written them down and here they are.

I’m going to write this for me. And I’m excited about it.

I love writing so much, I write for a living. I’m a professional Copywriter and I love my job. I work for the best company in the world, with the two best bosses and I’m lucky enough to be part of a fantastic team. I couldn’t ask for more.

But this is different. It’s me writing selfishly. No selling. No headlines. No split tests. Just spilling my thoughts and memories into this strangely titled blog . . .

Apparently when I was little, I told my parents I wouldn’t eat peas until I was 4. On my 4th birthday, I ate my peas.

Whenever I think of that, it reminds me of how completely baffling kids are to us grown ups. Mine were. And that’s what makes parenthood so awesome.

Me & Ben 1

It’s not just your kids who are empty vessels, filling up as they grow. As parents, we’re on the same journey of discovery. There’s no real operating manual for kids. We have to use a mixture of our own experiences, good advice and a huge helping of ‘winging it’.

None of us really know how we’ll turn out as a parent, but once we are, we know our life has changed forever.

Although this is for me, I genuinely hope you get something from it, as you’ve taken time out of your day to join me. A smile, a giggle, a tear, a belly laugh . . . I’ve had them all while writing my little stories.

If it’s not your cup of tea, thanks for dropping by anyway.